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A. Chottay sikkay is a journey where your kids will learn the art of entrepreneurship. They will go through a journey of self-awareness, find their passions and how can they use it to benefit others. This course is purely experiential learning. Your kids will be generating ideas, creating business models and executing them.

A. We have an interesting story that led us to the creation of this venture. Want to know our story? (Click here)

A. The world we are living in is a VUCA (Volatile – Uncertain – Chaotic – Ambiguous) world. The age where your kids will live doesn’t exist now. Schools are obsolete and no one knows what should they do to prepare for the coming age. The answer to not only survive in this age but excel in it is Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is what will help them in the future. Entrepreneurship is not about creating a business. It’s a lifestyle. To keep questioning and keep learning. Finding your passions and using them to solve the problems. Getting out of your comfort zone and finding out what you love and using that to add value in other people lives.

Imagine what you learnt at 26, your kid will learn at 13 😉

A. Transforming KIDS into ENTREPRENEURS to create a better world


A. As a team, we believe in 4 core values. EMPATHY – PASSION – CURIOSITY – GROWTH.

A. Our setup is located in defence khayaban e bukhari. Our Location


A. The teams behind this venture are seasoned entrepreneurs and trainers who have been exploring different domains. Professionals in Team chottay sikkay has created around 50 startups and also worked with fortune 500 companies like Unilever, P&G, Reckitt, Mazda, Audi etc.

Further, we have created a board which comprises of entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals with immense industry exposure. Their ideas and feedbacks have continuously helped us in improving this program.

Who wouldn’t want their kids to sit and grow with such refined individuals ;).

A. Chottay Sikkay is a Zumbeel Group Company. Chottay Sikkay have multiple partners and board members who have contributed in this program to make this a life-changing experience.

A. We have renowned personalities like Mr. Mehdi Raza (Former CEO FM 107) and Mr Mahmood Nanji (Ex GM Sales and Marketing – ENGLISH BISCUITS) on our BOARD.


A. * Self awareness
* Questioning everything and Challenging their beliefs
* Concepts like money management and value exchange
* Presentation skills
* Brainstorming and idea generation
* Creating value propositions
* Creating business models
* Executing their business models
* Earning money.

A. * Going through a journey of self-awareness and finding your passions and interests.

* Creating their own products and selling them and learning to earn.

* Developing empathy to help others.

* Enhancing confidence and presentation skills.

* Getting mentored by renowned and seasoned professionals of the industry.

* The skills and attitude to grow in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

* Gaining multiple skills through multiple platforms.

* Enhancing your knowledge curve exponentially.

* Attaining a new perspective of viewing the world.

* Getting 5 steps ahead from their peer who are only relying on obselete schooling system as an option to grow.

* Participating in the upcoming program as mentors and getting internship opportunities in upcoming sessions of Chottay sikkay.

* Certificates at the end of the program.

A. It is a 6-week course. 2 hours session once a week.


A- We believe the journey of growth never stops. And we want to create meaningful relationships with people who are joining us in this journey. After program is wrapped up, kids will be having individuals one to one session with mentors who will be coaching them to implement the concepts they have learned. We call these weekly meetups “THE FLIGHT CALL”.

A- We donot only make sure that we benefit you during the course through some life altering concepts and after the course through special mentoring sessions “THE FLIGHT CALL” .

We bellieve in creating a positive impact through out your life. Once the program is wrapped up and kids are done with “Flight Calls” , our team will stay in touch with kids. Different opportunities will be shared which include internships, volunteering, assistance in startups and mentors in upcoming sessions.


A. Kids from age 12 to 16 can enrol in our current program.

A. Yes, we do. But those courses are in the development phase right now. For now, the course we are offering is Value Entrepreneurship 101.

A. You can get in touch with our team on our Facebook page, fill the form on our website or call or WhatsApp us on 0307 444 71 71 and our team will guide you.


A. We are always looking for great individuals who are willing to write history. You feel this is the opportunity you are looking for? (Click here) to apply.


A. We are always looking for people who share the same values as ours and would like to play their role in making this world a better place. You can fill the form (link) in our join our cause section and our team will get in touch with you.

A. We are always looking for people who share the same values as ours and would like to play their role in making this world a better place. You can fill the form (link) in our join our cause section and our team will get in touch with you.


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