This is what computers looked like 100 years ago…

This is what computers look like today…

This is what classrooms looked like 100 years ago…

This is what classrooms look like today…

Not much has changed in schools now.

While the world has become much more advanced and efficient, we still need to take our schooling system on the ride to advancement.

But times have changed, and we have now seen that our conventional way of teaching kids is flawed and ineffective in the long run.

How do kids learn?

After two years of discovering ways to teach kids entrepreneurship in Pakistan, we have reached the point where we know of a system that makes kids learn faster, better, and more efficiently.

We know how someone would seek a skill before schools were popular and education was abundant; through apprenticeship and learning directly from skilled people.

Analyzing teams working on similar children’s entrepreneurship programs, we realized that the most effective system was immersive experiences.

At the early stage of children’s lives, their brains function differently than later; the brain serves as a feed to the subconscious directly, creating vivid beliefs, biases, and ideologies – and yes, skills that they hone at the age sit firmly in the subconscious as well.

Even the best schools in Pakistan have yet to adapt to the approach Chottay Sikkay uses to turn entrepreneurship into one of the children’s extracurricular activities and help them learn from it.

What keeps them from learning?

Nothing keeps them from learning; they don’t fulfill our expectations because we set unrealistic expectations for children without understanding how they function in the first place.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

We saw kids who weren’t meeting the expectations set by their surroundings, and we reached out to help them tap into themselves and bring out their creative side, and we saw them thriving later on.

The best way to teach?

Chottay Sikkay prides itself as a kid, intending to constantly find ways to be creative, find the proper methods of doing things, and try out new things.

But we’re not alone in this journey; many of our Chottay Sikkays come along and experience what we discover, uncover, and create.

We have diminished the teacher-student school system and have formed a more collaborative, healthy, and creative environment where we have mentors and accomplices that help build each other.

Want your kid to be the next Pakistani Entrepreneur?

We have seen every kid at Chottay Sikkay become a more creative, collaborative, and innovative version of themselves. With such astounding impacts on the lives of the children, we welcome new future innovators on board to discover themselves and become what they want.

Chottay Sikkay’s journey is not the one that ends…

Our story continues as we are a community of lifelong innovators and future Pakistani startup founders who stay in touch with their future endeavors to seek support and guidance and give back to the community as volunteers and entrepreneurs.

Want your kid to be a part of this community?

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