Warren Buffet started business as a child when he went from door to door selling chewing gum.

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, used to sell matches to his neighbors in his childhood.

Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Airlines, used to breed and sell Parakeets with his childhood friend.

Most entrepreneurs of our age started showing signs of business acumen in childhood.


Exposure! Children from America and Europe get a lot more exposure to things like entrepreneurship than we do. It is in their curriculum, summer camps, private education, and even games such as the Monopoly.

But why should one start learning entrepreneurship from early on?

Here are some of the skills your child can learn by experiencing entrepreneurship in the early years:

Entrepreneurship Skills your Child should Learn:

1: Critical Thinking:

Kids having critical thinking skills tend to use their own point of view to analyze different situations and weigh facts and figures without being affected by the opinions of other people. Learning this skill at an early age gives your child exposure that helps him to solve problems and discover areas of personal development.

2: Creativity:

It is announced by IMBs 2010 Global CEO Study that creativity is the most important skill required to be successful. When your kid starts a business, he faces a lot of problems and situations that need creative solutions and with time and at a very young age they learn to master this skill.

3: Resilience:

Teaching your kids how to face failure and try again in a better way is the best thing you can do to make their life much easier and more meaningful. Kids grow resilient and tough when they start doing things on their own.

4: Life skills:

Though all the parents try to teach basic life skills to their kids, some things are not taught either at home or at school. Your child can learn these skills by being an entrepreneur. These skills include self-confidence, problem-solving, empathy, and much more.

5: Goal Setting:

If there’s something that keeps us motivated and focused, it definitely is our goal. Goal setting should be taught to kids as soon as they start walking by asking them to take a few more steps. This helps your kid to know more about progress, success, failure, and reward. Entrepreneurship teaches your kid to set goals for themselves and to achieve them as best as they can.

How Chottay Sikkay is helping your kids become entrepreneurs?

But how do you find the time to help your child meet with entrepreneurship? Or even if you find the time then how will you help him do that?

Well, you simply don’t have to!

All you have to do is have your kid meet with us and we will take it from there.

We at Chottay Sikkay provide your kid with the best hands-on learning experience

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